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January 24, 2022 by Modern Press Autumn Winter, Brands 0

The serene luxury concept!

The serene luxury concept!

simplicity and elegance

Martina Bavaro graduated in Fashion Design in 2018 at the famous Istituto Marangoni. She was chosen to display her collection as an emerging fashion designer at Milano Unica in the same year. She gently reforms the idea of luxury by starting with simplicity and elegance, redesigning women’s apparel. Martina’s background in the famous textile district of Biella results in her use of high quality fabrics and her belief in the beauty of making everything locally in Italy. The most important mission of the brand is the search for a new feminine elegance, which Martina describes as serene luxury. The beauty is that the luxury hides in the small details. Women wearing Martina Bavaro don’t need extravagance to draw the eyes to her.  Their beauty goes further than the most fleeting fashion, and is therefore forever identifiable.The silhouettes are inspired on classic tapes, though the Martina Bavaria garments behold a contemporary style, which gives the body space to move. Every garment can be worn in all seasons due to the colors and fabrics. 

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