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The story about Milaura by Modern Showroom

Introduction of Milaura


Laura Poretti, founder of the Milaura brand, is a mother, a wife and a manager,

who, develops her entrepreneurial dream with passion and enthusiasm.

Born and raised in Milan, where she graduated in Economics and Business at the Bocconi University,

Laura, passionate about fashion since the childhood, matured several experiences in

Italy and abroad which lead her to cover executive roles in prestigious fashion companies.

Milaura is a fashion brand combining luxury, uniqueness and exclusivity,

peppered by a joyful and ironic touch, which defines Laura’s own personality.

In 2019, Milaura brought her company to the next level by opening a large 450 mq store located on Corso Garibaldi,

right in front of the former location.

With the new store, Laura aims to make Milaura an iconic destination in the global retail scenario

thanks to its unique and exclusive brand mix and the Milaura capsule collection,

updating the codes of the signature Milanese discreet elegance with a modern, essential twist.

A declaration of love and trust to its city,

Laura combined Milan with her own name creating the Milaura, Milano Dress Code brand with the desire to bring the Milanese aesthetic, filtered by her personal lens, around the world.

The Milaura doll is on the go!

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