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Miss Polyplexi, handmade bags

Miss Polyplexi, handmade bags

Unique and high-quality handmade bags with a lot of attention to detail

Available At Modern Showroom

We want to introduce you our new brand Miss Polyplexi. Miss Polyplexi was established in 2017 in Greece. Miss Polyplexi is all about celebrating the beauty of handmade bags. The brand’s philosophy revolves around creating unique and high-quality pieces with a lot of attention to detail. The goal of Miss Polyplexi is to make every women feel special and one-of-a-kind by carrying a handmade bag that reflects their individuality. That’s why we of Modern Showroom are targeting this brand.

The designer and founder of Miss Polyplexi is Vasiliki Theodorou. Vasiliki got her passion, ingenuity and creativity from her mom, who was a master at knitting and crocheting. Vasiliki’s mom taught her the art of crocheting and Vasiliki fell in love with it instantly. Togheter with her mother they cherished the beauty of handmade creations and the love and care that went into crafting them. The brand name, Miss Polyplexi, is a tribute to Vasiliki’s mom. It’s a clever play on her mom’s name, Polyxeni, and the Greek words “POLY” (meaning “a lot”) and “PLEXI” (meaning “crochet”). Both Vasiliki and her mom have crocheted a lot in their lives. Therefore, adding “MISS” to the name gives it a personal touch and represents Vasiliki’s identity behind these bespoke handmade bags. It’s a beautiful way to honor her mom’s legacy and create something truly unique

Miss Polyplexi also has a sustainable collection. The vision of Miss Polyplexi is to become more environmentally friendly. Therefore, they are replacing the raw materials used in the handmade process with more eco-friendly alternatives. In the collection they have net bags, a chic alternative to plastic bags, and beautiful tote and shoulder bags made of unique materials that don’t compromise on style. At Miss Polyplexi they believe in ‘’A woman’s bag is not just an accessory, but a vessel that holds her world and secrets’’. To view the collection, visit our showroom online.

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