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MY SUNDAY MORNING Interview with Virginie Guarisco

MY SUNDAY MORNING Interview with Virginie Guarisco

Family Love

Describe your perfect Sun day morning?

In family, waking up with the sun light and the song of the birds in Avalon Sydney, catching up with some friends with kids for an healthy substancial and delicious brunch at the Beach House café.


What inspires you – visual and mentally?

Traveling has always and will always be a great source of inspiration.

My favorites spots of inspiration are Los Angeles and Sydney in Australia. The way of thinking, the easy Life Style, the boho-chic and healthy attitude makes me feel relaxed and enlightened. We fly there in family once every season before starting creating a new collection. My creations are essen- tially based on vintage pieces, and a few photos…

What do people get when buying clothes from your new label?

They will be sharing the strong values that I’d like to speak for… Integrity, authenticity, family, love, freedom, beauty, positive way of thinking, and a lot more! 😉

How did you get the idea for this new label?

On a Sunday Morning brunching with some of my girlfriends in Paris.

I wanted to start a new cycle of creation, and it was the perfect day and atmosphere to go with.

Would you say that my Sunday Morning is closer to your heart when it comes to describing your own style?

It can’t be closer to who I am. my Sunday Morning is an intimate feeling with family and friends that I like to share through my collections with all the daily life strong, generous, sweet, stylish, pure, fun, simple, beautiful & devoted women that we all are.

How will you describe your success (your road story)?


After 8 years of success being the designer of virginie castaway. It’s was the time for me to focus a new positive energy: Family! The birth of my son Eliott has been changing my approach of life, and I m sure every Mum will agree on this point, I’s a big change 😉 Especially the way you see yourself. It’s the reason why “being a cast-away” traveling the world wasn’t accurate anymore, and my Sunday Morning the beginning of a great adventure!

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