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Natalija Jansone, timeless clothes

Natalija Jansone, timeless clothes

Designer that creates timeless clothes with an eye for detail

Available At Modern Showroom

We want to introduce you our new brand Natalija Jansone. Natalija Jansone is a brand from Latvia. They have redefined elegance and sophistication in the fashion industry. Natalija Jansone is a brand that creates timeless clothes, that are as chic today as they will be in a decade! That is why we of Modern Showroom are targeting this brand.

Nataljia Jansone is a Latvian-born designer whose main vision for the brand is to unite classic and modern. Her journey began as a young girl with a fascination for fabrics and design. This passion led her to study fashion in London, one of the world’s fashion capitals. Inspired by the rich history of European fashion and her love for timeless aesthetics, Nathalija is a designer with an eye for detail, and this is evident in every piece that bears her name.

Each collection is a celebration of craftsmanship and the enduring appeal of classic silhouettes like, tailoring excellence; every item reflects commitment to quality, luxurious fabrics like, silks, soft cashmere, rich wools and neutral palette that are subdued and timeless such as, deep blacks, pristine whites, subtle shades of gray. Jansone’s designs are versatile with a modern twist with day-to-night dresses from professional to glamorous really easily. They are also effortless chic and sophisticated, while feeling comfortable and confident.

Nataljia Jansone is commits to sustainability and she believes that luxury should be environmentally responsible, with an ethical production and wants to make sure that every piece respects the planet. The timeless clothes from Nataljia Jansone are timeless elegant, sophisticated and sustainable. Buying an item from Natalija Jansone is an investment in style and quality that will last. To view the collection, visit our showroom online.

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