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New HANAA FU origami bags collection

New HANAA FU origami bags collection

The Hanaa Fu bags are inspired by Japan’s traditional art of paper-folding known as origami. these versatile bags are created by  Takashi Yamamoto. After trying out hundreds and thousands of versions in the course of 5 years, he came up with the idea that is extremely versatile. These bags are fold-able, changing their shape easily thanks to the functional accessories attached. The multiple color and print variations make this a so called IT bag, because  they are both functional and stylish.

They allow you to be as creative and as fun as you want to be, changing the shape of your bag depending on your mood and needs.

The current stricture of the Hanaa Fu bag is made to be able to change it’s form into 7 different shapes and sizes.

The first one is the classic flat tote bag that is perfect to hold document for the day to day activities. The second shape is a large tote with a strong bottom to hold all your stuff at the end of the day in one place. The third shape is perfect for the evening, turning into a smaller, diamond shape mini bag, elegant and practical for going out.

How to use the Oragami Bag

The fourth is a cool box shaped bag that will make sure to turn everyone’s head around when they see it. The fifth shape is an envelope, which is the classy version for an evening out, small, but big enough to hold everything you need for a night out. The sixth shape is a basket that can be made starting from the flat tote base, by folding inside the upper parts, thous becoming a so called basket, to easily hold your groceries in one place.

And for the grand finale, you never have to worry about the airport carry on again, as this flexible multitasking bag can be totally flattened to fit in the tiniest space in your luggage.

Let’s add that this classic versatile bag come sin many shapes, from backpack to different sizes. This way, it is perfect for any woman who wants a versatile multi functional yet fashionable bag.

Another great asset of the bag is the handles, which can change their size as well, from longer to a tote bag, to shorter for the evening bag.

That being said, the new fall winter collection is a fresh remix of patterns and textures that come from monochrome colors to perfectly coordinated for fall with darker tones. From polka dots to tartan, and from velvet to denim, it’s hard to choose from the great variety.

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