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Classic Italian elegance

Nuages Rouges embodies Italian elegance, style, and luxury. Our brand, founded in the historic city of Forlì, has deep roots in Italy and is committed to representing the art, fashion, and creativity of this fascinating country through its concepts, imagery, and designs.

The designer

Matteo Mariani is the creative genius behind Nuages Rouges’ signature creations. Born with a passion for fashion, he began his extraordinary artistic career in the heart of Italy, in Forlì. His story is one of talent and dedication, starting from a young age. Matteo spent his formative years immersing himself in art, architecture, and culture, seeking inspiration in Italian colors, shapes, and lifestyles. Later, she deepened her knowledge of the fashion world by studying at renowned institutions in the industry, honing her creative skills and eye for detail.

Their mission

Our mission is to design and produce high-quality Italian clothing and accessories with masculine and elegant fits, projecting onto the club culture and reinterpreting the luxury sector, all under the guidance of emerging designer Matteo Mariani. Each garment is a canvas upon which stories are painted. The brand’s vision is the pursuit of well-being for those who purchase the product and those who trust the brand. This is provided through the experience conveyed via a unique brand communication ecosystem.

In the summer, we dazzle with silk dresses, synonymous with lightness and refinement, while in the winter, we wrap ourselves in fine wool for unparalleled comfort and elegance. Every fabric that touches the skin is an embrace of luxury and quality, without forgetting eco-sustainability.

Nuages Rouges is a brand that stands for the upper class through its authenticity. With the uniqueness and beauty that the brand brings, it exudes quality and passion for fashion.


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