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Orientique Founded in 1976

Orientique Founded in 1976

Technically Linen is a vegetable, it is spun from the stalks of the flax plant. Linen has the ability to quickly absorb and yield moisture, It evaporates water as quickly as a pond surface. On the body linen always feels fresh light and cool.

The more Linen blends is washed the softer and smoother it becomes.

Orientique Linen blends linen, Cotton and Rayon to ensure the qualities of Linen, combined with the lightness of cotton and the softness of rayon. Our Orientique Linen blend is almost Crush resistant.

Orientique prides itself on its distinctive look and shapes designed for the over 35 Women.

Orientique specializes in natural fabrics. Our “plant to garment” philosophy means that the cotton , linen and rayon used in all our garments has been carefully selected from some of the worlds finest mills and woven specifically for the Orientique production.

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