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Phair, luxury resort wear

Phair, luxury resort wear

Timeless resort wear and statement pieces designed by Melissa Phair

Available at Modern Showroom in Italy

We want to introduce you our new brand Phair. Phair is an English brand, established by Melissa Phair. Phair is a luxury fashion brand that sells timeless resort wear and luxury statement items. Moreover, you can mix and match every item throughout different seasons and clothes from your own wardrobe. Furthermore, the clothes from Phair are for very season and they strive to help and avoid over consumption with this. That is why we of modern showroom are targeting this upcoming brand.

Phair values sustainability and the environment. They operate in a manner that focusses on both these things. They find the well-being of all people who work with them throughout the supply chain very important. Phair has a very close relationship with the factories and ensures that the working circumstances are fair. They are new in the fashion industry and is constantly growing and learning how to improve products and practices that have an effect on the environment. Phair strives to help and create change in the fashion industry.

Phair produces different kinds of products and has different collections. Firstly, they have resort-wear, statement dresses and timeless swim wear. Phair uses different materials, these are: 100% linen, recycled satin and rayon. The packaging is 100% biodegradable. Linen is a durable natural fiber derived from the flax plant. Linen is stronger than cotton and is very soft on the skin. It has a high absorbency level and is a very breathable fabric. Satin is a fabric that is shiny, soft and very elastic. Rayon is a fabric that is soft, comfortable, highly absorbent, drapes well, dyes and prints well, has no static and no pilling problems. Phair doesn’t produce in masses but does small production. They check the clothes multiple times during the production process.

The inspiration from the collection is from silhouettes. It is a timeless capsule collection with clothes from high quality that will last long. The pieces excude natural elegance, femininity and sophistication. The pieces can be worn for different occasions and are a must have that will be in your forever wardrobe. To view the collection, visit our showroom online.

https://modernshowroom.com/portfolio/phair/ , http://modernshowroom.com/ , https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-e&q=resort+wear

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