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Pierpaolo Cassone – The Allure of Couture

Pierpaolo Cassone – The Allure of Couture

Pierpaolo Cassone, a native of Calabria, Italy, started his couture brand in 2013. This wedding planner turned couture designer is famous for his gowns made of French lace, silk, handmade embroideries, and Swarovski crystals. While using his prior wedding planning background, Pierpaolo Cassone began designing wedding and ceremony gowns. The dresses all have a feminine mystique and elegance about them. Gown styles range from conservative to sexy, in order to make any woman who wears them feel beautiful and confident. Dresses and pant suits, adorned with lace, in the colors, black and deep red are in his most recent collection.

Specifically in these two looks, Cassone uses sheer fabrics in order to create sexy looks, while also remaining chic. These looks created by Pierpaolo Cassone embody all of the unique qualities that couture has to offer.  To conclude, his ability of combining chic and sexy elements to create one of a kind pieces is something to admire.

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