The comfort fashion for men

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It requires time, commitment, dedication, and perseverance. Sustainable, by definition, involves hundreds of people – artisans and specialists – and nurtures a culture based on the durability of things, the quality of gestures,But it is the love of one’s work. We were born in the cradle of Italian tailoring workshops, Accordingly raised in Lombardy, in contact with the most advanced laboratories, guided by expert, elderly hands on priceless, source-selected yarns. A short and therefore sustainable supply chain. All Platinum knitwear garments start from yarn, to order, to arrive in our customers’ closets and stay there, forever.

The quality

We cultivate the highest quality standards to ensure a promise. Our sweaters, dresses, skirts, and pants will take you through adventures and unforgettable moments trough knitwear. Our collection bears witness to the worship of timeless style, inspired by the eternal beauty of our cities and Italian culture. We choose each yarn based on its qualities and comfort once worn, to make versatile creations that communicate. Additionally, all our garments are made to order, so we can zero waste and guarantee the perfection of garments made for you.

Made in Italy

Made in Italy is synonymous with quality, craftsmanship, and excellence. All this originates in people, in the values their culture is infused with, in their ways of doing things. Platinum’s slow fashion knitwear promotes a more sustainable approach to fashion. Valuing the quality of materials and workmanship. The durability of garments, and respect for the rights of people involved in production. Recycling and reuse were not taught in school, but at home, in the small acts handed down to this day. Good, better-made clothes were kept, and any garment was repaired, mended, reused. Nothing was wasted, and most importantly, almost nothing was replaced. The boundaries between private life and work are getting thinner and thinner. Kaleidoscopic days between video calls, meetings, and time to enjoy life.

Our collection was created for the man who no longer wants to bow to conventions and, for them. Give up comfort and naturalness. We believe in a style that abandons cast-offs to marry comfort. That projects confidence above obligation, that soars above context to express who we are.

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