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March 22, 2024 by Ceylia Gallieni Fashion Brands 0

PLAYAMAR Beachwear : Elegant Creations and Impeccable Quality

PLAYAMAR Beachwear : Elegant Creations and Impeccable Quality

The Radiant Tale of Playamar Beachwear

Immerse yourself in the sunny story of PLAYAMAR Beachwear, a family-owned company based in Gragnano, in the province of Naples, born in the vibrant decade of the 90s. Since its inception, PLAYAMAR has been committed to satisfying its customers with elegant creations and impeccable Italian quality.

Every member of its team has invested their time and expertise in selecting the finest fabrics and perfecting each garment. Its primary goal: your satisfaction. He is grateful for the trust you place in him by choosing his bikinis every day.

A Varied Collection: From Swimwear to Beach Accessories

But PLAYAMAR goes beyond swimsuits. It is also renowned for its beach accessories, such as pareos, dresses, and scarves, with a focus on curvy sizes and differentiated cups to accommodate all body types.

Its stylists are constantly on the lookout for innovation, while its seamstresses strive to find the best sewing techniques to ensure a perfect fit for every silhouette. This harmonious collaboration gives birth to its collections, all infused with a single theme: ELEGANCE.

Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and sophisticated modeling software, its company guarantees precise cuts to the millimeter and flawless finishes, while preserving the authenticity of the highly sought-after “Made in Italy” label.

With nearly 30 internal employees and 200 external collaborators, PLAYAMAR boasts an impressive production capacity, producing around 400,000 pieces per season. Its commitment to exceptional quality control and fast delivery times allows it to meet the needs of every customer, from January to May and beyond.

Dive into the world of PLAYAMAR, where quality, attention to detail, and Italian craftsmanship come together to create products that elegantly accompany you under the sun, from dawn till dusk, ensuring that every beach moment is infused with style and sophistication.



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