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Alexandra Pellegrino is a neo-born brand of Italian haute couture

Alexandra Pellegrino’s clothes are all made with high quality of fabrics: 100% pure silk, virgin wool. The Fall / Winter 2020-2021 collection offers elegance and feminine. Sensuality is given by the neckline of the garments that are intertwined with the sinuous shape highlighting the belt and the waist. Even the jumpsuit it’s “tailored” made in 100% pure Charmelaine. The products are all strictly Made in Italy. There are a series of Haute Couture dresses with color patterns for a woman of marked elegance, the result it’s as if it were an art painting. Alexandra Pellegrino is a neo-born brand of Italian haute couture, sought after and prized. Its philosophy making exclusively “Made in Italy” summarized in two keywords: tailoring and quality. Tailoring it’s elegantly treated in all its details to create unique garments of elegant femininity made up of original details that follow a common commercial language and can be worn by a wide range of public.   PLEASE ENTER INFO HERE TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT    |     LINE SHEET

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OPERA 01, was born in Carpi, a city known throughout Italy as a important fashion  district. It is an idea of the stylist Riccardo Bassoli, who after years of learning in the family business, decides to create his own brand. The company he grew up in has indirectly made his contribution to Italian fashion over the past 35 years. Inside, a qualified staff follows the sampling and production in PRIVATE LABEL, proposing from the study and the ideation of the garment, until delivery to the customer. The must has always been to interpret the customer’s needs, starting from a simple idea, up to the packaging of the final product with a quality / price ratio that is difficult to match on the market.At the base, however, innovative ideas and the continuous search for new yarns have never been lacking. As the famous Coco Chanel said, we must live what we wear. The choice of the name OPERA 01 is dictated by the need for the REBIRTH of this concept. We want to create works of art, which dress perfectly and are unique in their kind. Each dress is an authentic emotion, thought, derived from a journey. From the mix of life experiences, perfumes and colors, […]

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