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June 14, 2022 by Modern Press 0


How to express your Fashion Elegance First of all must your should have a self confidence attitude, even if these stressed period can obscure our concentration, we need something to store our senses of pleasure and beauty. A wardrobe that pampers you and speaks to you. Real Beauty is in the eyes of the one who are looking for it. Beauty is balance, of shapes, relationships, contaminations and knowledges. Flavia Pinello’s leitmotiv is the neverending search for balance, a fluid equilibrium between Fashion and eleganze laying down on the woman body. Through our creations we want to state our ideal of beauty and balance for the modern woman who want to stand up for elegance and femininity. DISCOVER MORE IN OUR ONLINE  SHOW CASE, FOR SUBSCRIBED USERS ONLY Sell In prices / Purchase Order Form

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