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W_BAG combination with fine suede leather & wood

Toulipier wood: wood that comes from the magnoliaceae family. Shades ranging from light yellow to brownish. Other types of wood to complete the WBAG line such as: redwood, poplar, maple, oak, walnut. All combined with equally fine materials in suede leather. An idea that combines the love for wood and the passion for fashion, an idea that combines research and tradition, knowledge of materials and continuous research on them, experimentation and elegance, experience and innovation, to give life to a product avant-garde that can be not only comfortable and versatile but also refined, recognizable and unique in its kind of style.     for appointments contact US ;   SHOWROOM PERIOD BELOW CHART!   >>>> LOOK BOOK

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OPERA 01, was born in Carpi, a city known throughout Italy as a important fashion  district. It is an idea of the stylist Riccardo Bassoli, who after years of learning in the family business, decides to create his own brand. The company he grew up in has indirectly made his contribution to Italian fashion over the past 35 years. Inside, a qualified staff follows the sampling and production in PRIVATE LABEL, proposing from the study and the ideation of the garment, until delivery to the customer. The must has always been to interpret the customer’s needs, starting from a simple idea, up to the packaging of the final product with a quality / price ratio that is difficult to match on the market.At the base, however, innovative ideas and the continuous search for new yarns have never been lacking. As the famous Coco Chanel said, we must live what we wear. The choice of the name OPERA 01 is dictated by the need for the REBIRTH of this concept. We want to create works of art, which dress perfectly and are unique in their kind. Each dress is an authentic emotion, thought, derived from a journey. From the mix of life experiences, perfumes and colors, […]

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BUSSOLA bags line  is characterized by being a line made with natural and precious leathers, with one natural and non-printed grain. This garnet effect is given by the barrel and consequent washing dryings that give a natural drummed effect. The metal accessories in light gold color give shine. There are also other materials such as resistant cotton, and purposely of the color of the skin. The beautiful opaque colors and  the laminates used for leather handles. Bussola is very glamorous for the SS20. made with wide shoulder strap, orderable combinations of two colors or solid color. BUSSOLA CATALOGUE  BUSSOLA ORDER SHEET

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QUTIO, urban genuine made in Italy…

QUITIO STREET WEAR BRAND WITH LUXURY TOUCH, MADE IN ITALY The QUTIŌ brand a brand name created by Blitz Star, a company specialized for producing Zippers. The owner Nicola Fini, artist and entrepreneur, begins his journey working within the family business thanks to which he strengthens his passion for fashion; this leads him to realize his dream by designing a brand, which makes the idea of ​​”affordable luxury” his stylistic code without neglecting the quality completely made in Italy. QUTIŌ is the result of the expression of personal freedom, a freedom that is addressed to all those who try to distinguish themselves from the uniformity of contemporary society and want to wear a finest and exclusive product. The new collection, named “CASA” was created with the intention of telling the site where the designer was born and raised, examples are the prints of the Emilian countryside or of Sant’Agostino, (saint who gives his name to the city ​), but also the effects of social media on users; all provided images and ironic embroideries – sarcastic with clean lines. The garments of the brand are developed by expert Emilian artisans who use only strictly selected, fabrics and accessories are all genuine […]

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