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ORIENTIQUE Naturally Australian cotton

ORIENTIQUE – Naturally Australian cotton was founded in 1976 in Brisbane and has been Australia’s leading cotton fashion label for more than 40 years. Designing and manufacturing quality women’s fashion, Orientique sets iteself apart from other labels with unique hand designed prints, latest design trends, true shape and attention to detail in all of its garments. Orientique’s primary focus is working with cotton, rayon and linen. Their ‘plant to garment’ philosophy means that the cotton, rayon and linen used in all of their garments has been carefully woven to their specifications from some of the world’s finest cotton mills. Their stringent specifications of thread gauge, thread count and fibre weight ensure an Orientique garment is not like any other. Find the new SS19 collection “Vemo, Vidi, Amavi” in our showorom.   CONTACT US HERE FOR SALES ENQUIRIES OR BOOK AN APPOINTMENT BELOW  

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July 2, 2018 by Emese Bako Adoree 0

ADOREE unconventional white shirts for every occasion

ADOREE is a Slovak brand present in the fashion market for more than 20 years creating unique white shirts for any occasion. In the collection you will find 10 basic models in different variations and will gradually add to them. All shirts are precisely designed and cut to highlight the female silhouette but also to be comfortable throughout the day. The fabrics are exclusively natural, 100% cotton, weaving of the highest quality, produced by traditional technology in Italy. An easy ironing arrangement or Non Iron and a beautiful white color even after frequent washing. Each model can be ordered in any fabric from the fabrics sample card.  All shirts and accessories are handmade. The quality of the collars and cuffs are made like men´s bussines  shirts, which, even after frequent washing, maintain their appearance. Additional details that add original flair and feminity to the shirts are embroidery or rhinestoned buttons, which you can find on each model. FOR SALES INQUIRIES CONTACT US HERE. BOOK AN APPOINTMENT HERE

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BARTOLOTTA & MARTORANA Italian techno couture

The new brand Bartolotta & Martorana proposes a new vision, garments neoclassical style garments combined with technological materials and craftsmanship. A so called “Techno Couture”, romantic yer modern dresses. The two young  Sicilian designers, despite their fragile age have already received a  lot of press attention, getting into the fashion spotlight early on in their blossoming career. Winners of numerous fashion contests, Simone Bartolotta and Salvatore Martorana  are the symbols of a new generation of Italian designers who promise to make pave their way in the world of fashion. BOOK AN APPOINTMENT BELOW OR CONTACT US DIRECTLY HERE FOR SALES INQUIRIES.  

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