September 20, 2018 by Modern Press Love-Sofie 0

LOVE SOFIE Cruelty-Free Collection, animal Free

Love Sofie ANIMAL-FREE  exists to promote kindness and celebrate life within the fashion world with an eye to production ethics. The Swedish designer Sofie Bly had worked within an International fashion scene for more than 2 decades when she met Emma Hedin, marketing strategist from various Swedish fashion-brands including: ACNE, NUDIE and WHYRED. Together this strong team of visionary women created Love Sofie: A possibility to be chic, modern and kind at the same time. They both believe that a great part of the fashion industry has become to harsh, careless and irresponsible and they want to change this by showing the world that It´s cool to be kind!    DOWNLOAD THE CATALOG ……VIEW MORE  HERE. BOOK AN APPOINTMENT HERE

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