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ELLEMENTI by Lisa Tigano explains “Menteria”

ELLEMENTI by Lisa Tigano explains “Menteria”

Lisa Tigano is a talented and Italian young designer who has created her own label:

EllemenTi , designed with love for clothes and little details.

After the degree in Fashion Design at the European Institute of Design _IED_ in Milan. Lisa is approving in a more concrete and direct way to the world of fashion and begins, with her career thanks to various work experiences in important companies such as Philipp Plein, Giovanni Cavagna and Comeforbreakfast.

The dream of being an independent designer is always very strong and Lisa manages to put it into practice her own brand EllemenTi

The first collection, F | W 2017-2018, means for Lisa an instruction of manual for the brand in which in all the elements underlying the philosophy of EllemenTi, thus first creations becoming a collection of iconic items from which to draw inspiration for future collections.

The project at the base of the brand began to materialize through the realization of the thesis entitled: Refuge-Refuge.The first point on which Lisa began to reflect: concerned the reaction of the woman in the exact moment in which she observed her body at the mirror. The majority of people in this intimate moment, becomes aware of details of their appearance as in many cases do not reflect the canons dictated by the system. What follows is:  that the clothes, which cover certain parts of the body to make them invisible.In her “menteria” a coined word by Lisa Tigano to indicate the dimension where her mind work to generate her clothes, the designer creates collections that are based on three key points: Taylor made, made in italy, details–


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