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I ROCCHI Cashmere, craftsmanship is at home….

I ROCCHI Cashmere, craftsmanship is at home….

Size does matter.
For us, being a small-size company is a plus. And being a family company is even better. Because everybody takes part in the creative process, everyone brings in his own skills and intuitions.

We discuss about everything together: about the quality and thinness of the yarn we are going to use; about the right colour to pick for each model; about the stitch that will enhance the design and the particular nuance of the cashmere distaff.

The final result, be it a pull, a cardigan, a poncho or a shawl, is part of our family too; and it is with pride and satisfaction that, after accurate quality checks, we award it the label with the rose.

Being a small company means you do lots of things together, and at the same time, but also it means you can’t do everything on your own. This is why we decided to rely on our extended family, local artisans that work outside the company and help us with their skills and expertise, when we need them. Not only, then, we have extra help for our production, but an added value to our work, as we benefit of their experience, their creativity as well as human contact!

Among them there is a group of women that still keep unchanged the art of hand knitting.
Right, art; because it takes time, patience, competence, knowledge and understanding of the cashmere yarn, but above all it takes passion and commitment. Every piece that comes out of their lab is unique, non-replicable even if is part of a set, as you can reproduce with your hands two identical garments.

Unique, this is what we believe I Rocchi Cashmere is, as unique are the people who take part in our creative and business process and unique is the long lasting experience we can bring in our work.

I Rocchi Cashmere, craftsmanship is at home.


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