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MAULI a luxury cashmere accessories brand

MAULI a luxury cashmere accessories brand

MAULI, a luxury cashmere accessories brand, is based at New Delhi, India. We design and manufacture Cashmere Shawls, Stoles & Scarves with intricate embellishments for men and women.

Mauli, a sacred thread, tied on one’s wrist, during a prayer ceremony in the Indian Tradition, signifies a commitment to devote oneself completely to the prayer. The Red-Ochre colour thread has great significance in our tradition and is worn around the wrist with pride. A ‘Mauli Cashmere’ shawl is a promise of originality and authentic handcraftsmanship. We believe in consistent innovation, creating products that are edgy, sophisticated, and timeless. Seasoned team of designers tirelessly work with highly skilled craftsmen to deliver each ‘Mauli’ promise.



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