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NUAGES ROUGES Men’s silk shirts

NUAGES ROUGES Men’s silk shirts

Nuages Rouges

the epitome of Italian elegance

style and luxury. Founded in the historic city of Forlì making men’s silk shirts, our brand has deep roots in Italy and is committed to representing the art, fashion and creativity of this fascinating nation through its concepts, graphics and models. The headquarters in Forlì hosts the first single-brand boutique, which welcomes you with an enveloping atmosphere, allowing you to immerse yourself in the multi-sensorial essence of the brand. Our new store will also open its doors soon in Bologna.

Furthermore, our flagship showroom is located in Milan at the Modern Showroom

and is the beating heart of our B2B sales. And for those who want an online shopping experience, our e-commerce offers convenient access and directed to our collection.
Our mission is to design and create high quality Italian clothing and accessories with masculine and elegant fits, with a projection to club culture and a revisitation of the luxury sector, all under the direction of the emerging designer Matteo Mariani. Each garment is a canvas on which stories are painted. The vision of the brand is the pursuit of the well-being of those who purchase the product and those who trust the brand. This is offered through the experience conveyed through a unique communication ecosystem of the brand.
Materials of Excellence: Summer sees us shine in silk clothes, synonymous with lightness and refinement, while winter sees us wrap ourselves in fine wool for unparalleled comfort and elegance. Every fabric that touches the skin is an embrace of luxury and quality, without forgetting eco-sustainability.




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