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QUTIŌ, the expression of personal freedom

QUTIŌ, the expression of personal freedom

The QUTIŌ brand is born from the path of an artist who, in the search for himself, expresses his personal freedom. He also concretizes his conception of art and style in a collection that makes the idea of ‘accessible luxury’ his own style. This artist identifies himself behind the name THE Q FOUNDER. A figure shrouded in mystery that does not show his face and that, thanks to anonymity, has managed to express his artistic vein without the constraints and impositions of the contemporary world. QUTIŌ is therefore not only clothing but the creative response to an inner drive. This inner drive takes us towards the exit from the schemes and the superstructures that society can impose.

Indeed, it is precisely the desire to break the chains of the daily routine and achieve personal freedom that led to a new collection. Meeting its creative freedom in a state of complete anonymity, descending behind a masked face. This new dimension allows him to best express his potential, of which QUTIŌ is the result. The clothes allow his customers to express themselves in terms of personal freedom.

QUTIŌ is the result of the expression of personal freedom. A freedom that meets luxury and makes it accessible, without forgetting the completely made-in-Italy quality. The brand is aimed at all those who seek to distinguish themselves from the uniformity of contemporary society. They can do this by choosing a precious and exclusive product, always maintaining an urban dimension

“Qutiō is the luxury of being yourself. This is the personal freedom to choose the best to feel unique and stand out. This collection meant for me to find a new dimension in which to free myself from conventions. A place where I could finally be myself. This is me, this is Qutiō.”

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