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Raoul Martin, women’s clothes made to empowering women

Raoul Martin, women’s clothes made to empowering women

Quality women’s clothes, premium resellers, small eco footprint

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We want to introduce you our new brand Raoul Martin. Raoul Martin is a Dutch brand founded in 2019 by Raoul Martin himself and designs women’s clothes. He combines quality and contemporary design to present a sassy and skillful, durable and luxurious product. Most importantly, Raoul Martin designs women’s clothes, to empower women around the world. Raoul Martin loves women who are aware of their own strengths, women who live their own lives and women who stand behind the choices they make for themselves. That why we of Modern Showroom are targeting this brand.

Raoul Martin gets his inspiration from powerful women who have influenced and shaped his life. From his sister’s dolls to his mother and the love of his life. All these things inspired Raoul Martin. Raoul Martin grew up in Maastricht where he also got inspired by numerous people and cultures. Therefore he got an interest in the world, nature, history, poetry, music and literature. The love for unique women shapes is the foundation for all his creations.

Raoul Martin studied at the art academy in Maastricht where he specialized in fashion design. Since his childhood, he was creative and wore different clothes compared to other children. Raoul’s love for art developed during his high school years. During these years he began to dress dolls and gave styling advice to people. Raoul Martin worked on his creativity independently. For example, he enjoyed painting and drawing. After graduating Raoul founded ‘’Studio Raoul Martin’’ with the goal of selling patterns. After some personal developments Raoul Martin decided to stop with the studio. In 2019 he founded Raoul Martin. The biggest source of inspiration comes from organic lines and forms of nature. Raoul Martin prefers to use vibrant colors, architecture and high-quality fabrics. To view the collection, visit our showroom online.

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