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Rivea: A Story of Elegance and Sustainable Commitment

Rivea: A Story of Elegance and Sustainable Commitment

Rivea designs and manufactures eco-friendly swimwears in Europe, using a fabric woven from plastic debris recovered from the seas and oceans and buttons made from ocean plastic granules designed by a jewellery artist in Geneva. 

Impeccably cut and with iconic patterns, Rivea swim shorts capture the picture-postcard Riviera, where the living is easy and days spent poolside come with a certain nonchalant elegance.

Rivea also contributes to coral preservation in the Maldives archipelago by donating 1 euro to the Coral Planters association for each swimsuit sold. The ultimate goal is to build a coral barrier that will bear the name of Rivea

From the very beginning of Rivea, our goal has always been clear: to design modern and elegant collections while respecting our planet. We firmly believe that it is possible to combine style and environmental responsibility. This commitment to ethical, sustainable, and innovative fashion guides every decision we make and every creation we produce.

The Freedom to Create

As an independent brand, Rivea enjoys precious freedom. This independence allows us to make bold decisions and choose ecological solutions without compromise. We have the privilege to explore all possibilities to make our creations not only beautiful but also respectful of the environment.

We take the time to perfect every detail of our collections, constantly striving to improve our practices and products. This freedom is a privilege that we cherish and share with you, because we believe that every little gesture counts towards making a positive difference.

Our Source of Inspiration

Why did we choose the name Rivea? Because we are fascinated by the riviera, those beautiful sunny shores that evoke a carefree lifestyle and joy of living. We grew up by the clear waters of Leman Lake, surrounded by enchanting landscapes, and these memories are deeply embedded in us.

The Italian rivieras, with their golden beaches and relaxed atmosphere, remind us of childhood vacations and family moments. And of course, the Côte d’Azur, with its striped parasols and majestic pines, remains an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Every piece we create is infused with these images of vacation and the easygoing life by the water.

Ethical Fashion

For us, ethical fashion is more than just a concept; it’s a fundamental value. We are committed to fair and transparent practices, ensuring that everyone involved in the creation of our clothing is treated with respect and fairly compensated.

We work closely with artisans and suppliers who share our vision of responsible fashion. We believe it is essential to respect the people who contribute at every stage of our product’s journey, from design to delivery.

Sustainable Fashion

Sustainability is at the heart of our mission. We believe that fashion should not harm our planet. That’s why we choose environmentally friendly materials for our collections. We use recycled fabrics and upcycled components to reduce waste and conserve natural resources.

Our production techniques are designed to minimize our ecological footprint. We aim to create a circular fashion model, where products are made to last, be repaired, and ultimately recycled. This means that every garment we create is designed to have a long life and minimal impact on the environment.

We believe that sustainability should not be a compromise but a standard. By choosing Rivea, you are choosing fashion that respects our planet while offering timeless and elegant style.

For more information, contact us https://modernshowroom.com/contacts/


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