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Chic large sized fashion

Chic large sized fashion


that are evident above all in the dresses in the outerwear is evident more a 90th volume or soft widened shoulders but without falling too much oversize …

The collection shows a beautiful search for fabrics ranging from fine wools to viscose to silk, giving ample space to natural fabrics, looking at sustainability, green and respect for our planet, including furs in eco-fur and all made in ITALY.

The collection, in addition to the well-made outerwear, is related to the whole development of the product types including dresses, shirts, blouses, pant etc .. great attention to the skirt especially the pencil skirt developed in several fabrics

The mix with the 70s

The workmanship of the plisse ‘, the rouges, the overlapping of fabrics, the used chanels lead Roberta Neri towards semi-couture ..

So from this deep development it is possible to easily make combinations and looks as can be seen also from the look book ..

All this leads to having a chic, sophisticated woman who pays attention to details in taking care of herself and what she wears as an allure .. obviously modern but self-aware, established, a professional and successful woman, I would dare to say power-woman. .

Roberta Neri’s last driving force and distinctive is her large size development that reaches up to 56 of her precisely because she believes in women in all her fullness and strength, making them all special and unique.

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