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March 21, 2023 by Denisha Ramnahn Fashion Brands 0



sell unique hats, beachwear and more!

A new brand at MODERN SHOWROOM

Romualda’s DNA is represented in its hats: the joy of summer and the poetry of Cris’s art, the sweetness of a “siesta” in the shade of a tree.

This is the spirit of all our collections, also in our Ready to Wear, Swimwear and Accessories lines: very local, very universal!

WE CARE about the future and we care about the environment.

That’s why we prefer to work with natural fabrics, sustainable processes in short runs and

with European manufacturers to be close to the whole process.

Our prints are created by Cris in her studio, and we develop and produce them with a

traditional Italian partner who has integrated digital technology to make their processes more responsible.

PRINTED: on a silk cotton fabric with satin inside (super soft to the skin)

and matt on the outside to be faithful to the original colours of the two print colours (Hyacinth in lilacs and Obelia in greens).

Three dresses, one pair of trousers and two tops to coordinate with each other or

with any of the plains or embroideries in the rest of the collection.

So don’t wait and see there new unique collection!!

For showroom appointments click HERE.

website brand: https://romualda.es/

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