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ELENA MILAN winter collection

ELENA MILAN winter collection

“Deep deep inside”

collection F/W 2024-25

The winter collection 2024 that Elena Milani Couture is showcasing is inspired by the interior journey that the designer has made in the last year.

A difficult period full of challenges, which led to the creation of a collection with dark tones, with flashes of intense color such as fuchsia and sober and sweeter tones such as lilac or blush pink.

Elena Milani has played with shapes and materials, creating very wearable yet fashionable garments, with particular attention to details and a search for sophisticated and out of the ordinary buttons and trimmings.

Elena Milani Couture:

with this collection and her heritage, is the ideal brand for those looking for garments with tailored cuts and particular shapes, but never excessive or blatant, the point of pride of the brand is that all its garments are made from size uk4 to size uk 22.

It is one of Elena Milani’s reasons for joy and pride, to dress all women without discrimination, and her goal is to allow all women to wear garments that make them feel confident and comfortable with themselves.






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