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Saqqara SpA and your brand Oui Oui Bags

Saqqara SpA and your brand Oui Oui Bags

Founded in the year 2017, in the city of Concepcion, Chile, Saqqara SpA is an emerging company of family. Moreover the company is focused on developing and manufacturing products of leather goods with a high aesthetic sense. There values are rooted in the beauty, and the joy that comes with womanhood. Along with a deep devotion to the excellence of the performance of the craft work.

With these purposes, the founders of Saqqara SpA, we have developed the brand Oui Oui Bags. Additionally the brand intended to manufacture leather bags as a synonym of quality and creativity. Also, colorful, incorporating into their designs, classic styles and also cutting-edge, designed to meet the needs and desires of women of practically all ages, who follow trends and that maintain a contemporary lifestyle.

Oui Oui Bags is a brand founded in the operation of a business with a global vision and pragmatism. Committed to and focused permanently on achievement and excellence. The brand’s responsiveness, and productivity to offer their customers deadlines efficient in the delivery of products as well as guarantees of support, through the quality of the same.


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