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October 19, 2017 by Modern Press Brands, Spring Summer 0



In a world where change is the only permanent factor, the fast-fashion is becoming increasingly prevalent in the fashion industry.

But actually, the garments are cheap and usually made out of lower-quality materials. No more silk and good leather.

Fortunately, some brands stay away from this fast fashion and create incredible collection with high and ethic quality.

Indeed, the new collection of White Santorini is totally hands sewn in Greece by skilled craftsman. They still use delicate fabrics and materials with clean lines.

The new collection SS18 is made in 100% natural silk fabrics manufactured in the silk town, Soufi in Greece. It is a truly timeless textile. Thus, an extremely soft and luxurious fabric. Lending itself perfectly to a variety of uses from casual, everyday clothing, night wear, to cozy bedding.

Also, the brand use the cow leather 100% natural too, harvested on the Crete Island.

The White Santorini designs are inspired by the island, unique landscapes and lifestyle.

You have to take a look and touch the silk sensation.

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