SILKNY the excellence of Chinese manufacturing

SILKNY the excellence of Chinese manufacturing

The start of Silkny

In 2015, SILKNY launched a ready-to-wear collection in New York made of the highest quality silk and silk blends. The collection focuses on classic designs that are sophisticated and fashionable without sacrificing comfort and quality.

Inspired by the luxurious look and feel of silk and silk blends, SILKNY sources their high-quality fabrics from all over the world, including China, a top silk manufacturer for centuries, as well as France, and other European countries for laces and handcrafted finishes. With a vision that blends contemporary style with timeless elegance, the collection includes everything from asymmetrical takes on the classic pencil skirt, to plush winter coats, and mixed media blazers. Crafted using the latest eco-friendly technology available in manufacturing, the SILKNY collection strives to make women feel both powerful and romantic.

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Sales Campaign of SILKNY terminated! for further info contact modernshowroom

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