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to woman’s elegance and confidence. 

high-quality fashion

The brand’s purpose is to bring an exclusive and darling look, making women feel empowered, attractive and unique. The designs appeal to Ladies who like to be noticed and feel that they are Only One. 

The Garments are a mixture of ready-to- wear high street fashion and special made-to-order, ensuring uniqueness to every piece. If you are fortunate enough to own a Silvy Rowson design, it deserves an exclusive place in your wardrobe, so make sure you wear it with pride and you will stand out from the crowd. 

The brand was established in Vana, Bulgaria with an incredibly talented tailoring team – Quality being at the core of everything we do. The designs reflect Silvy’s character: a mixture between a little crazy and very darling, which results in the fusion of a timeless fashion line created for women who look to express their true confident personas 

The brand was founded by Silviya Rowson and is an example of a dream come true. This dream-come-true brand was inspired by the beauty and magic of the Black Sea where Silviya spent most of her life living. The unique fashion brand has inherited the quality and experience of Silviya’s own grandmother Elena, who was a lifelong tailor. The dream of having an own high-quality fashion brand has been hidden deep in Silviya’s heart until the right moment came to share it with the world – and that moment is now! 

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