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SOPHIA NUBES – sophisticated minimalism

SOPHIA NUBES – sophisticated minimalism

The new collection of the sophisticated clothing of Sophia Nubes stand in the real meaning of “Made in Italy”. To explain the concept, Sophia Nubes teaches us about the real meaning of these words and what they mean for her.

The philosophy behind this brand is well rooted in the DNA of Italian craftsmanship. The silent knowledge of the well known “Made in Italy” is something that cannot be taught and nobody will be ever able to copy. There is nothing in between, either you know it or you do not. It is something like the special way of cooking of the Italian mothers and especially grandmothers. The difference between what is good and tasty and what is bad and too rich instead. That is just something that you know without even thinking twice about it. It’s about the feeling.

The creations of Sophia Nubes come out of this passion for creating something beautiful and and good and also in the highest quality. This passion drives the brand and the emotion can be found in all of the collection.

These clothes are made by passion and are made to make the wearer feel stylish and sexy. A good start of the day starts with the right outfit and this is exactly what Sophia provides.

The pure and authentic style of Sophia Nubes’ clothing is the result of of integrity and know how, real Italian craftsmanship.

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