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February 13, 2023 by Denisha Ramnahn Fashion Brands 0

Spazio Pritelli

Spazio Pritelli

racing and fashion TOGETHER!?

Introduction Spazio Pritelli That works with FASHION and RACING

This is a boutique that focused on racing and fashion. In the headquarters there is the Design and Style area from which the Racing Apparel collections where born. Innovative energy has led the Group to successfully explore the most diverse commercial areas. This is how the Qì Sushi Lovers and Villa Cipressi projects were born: Food and Hospitality represent a continuum with the emotional style that characterizes the entire Pritelli Group. And that’s why this brand is so unique!

The first store is at Spazio Pritelli Vicenza that’s in the city Vicenza, then they have an other boutique in Spazio Pritelli Ferrara that’s in Doro, then the third store is in Spazio Pritelli Forlì in Forlì. Then an other store at Spazio Pritelli Rimini that’s at Rimini, and the final and last store is at Spazio Pritelli Cattolica in Cattolica. This are all the stores Spazio Pritelli owns in Italy. Every store is bult different and has his own unique design. 

The brand sells woman wear, men wear and children wear. So, everyone can shop online for clothing! It has an online shop but you can also go to the boutique itself.

The kids wearing has his own store just like the sneakers. For kids clothing you can see them online or at the store in Via XXIV Maggio 15, Cattolica. As for the sneakers there are 2 stores, The Sneaker Shop Riccione and The Sneaker Shop Cattolica.

As for accessories you can find it also in a different store than the clothing. In Acquasalata Riccione. And a lot is also online to see and buy.

You can follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

Instagram: spaziopritelli

Fasebook: Spazio Pritelli

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