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My Sunday Morning – Brand Profile

My Sunday Morning – Brand Profile

The Sunday morning story begins with how after traveling through a bohemian chic fantasy for 8 years. The French designer of the well-known brand Virginie Castaway, Virginie Guarisco finally put down her suitcases full of memories and freedom to create her second label.

Moreover, A road story that ends up on a sunny Sunday morning. The designer was able to give birth to a brand influenced by force, purity and authenticity: my Sunday Morning.

My Sunday Morning is a generous, lavish and delicate collection, using strong and well-balanced printed fabrics. A sense of awakening is invoked through the tender stitching and airy, flowing models. This is so while transparent fabrics allow us to discover the body veiled beauty.

Touching on themes of renewal and independence, Virginie Guarisco reconnects with her Australian roots. Therefore, through her roots she gives us essential and creative fashion in a simple way.

The label uses exclusive printed tissues from Italy and the main part of the production is made in Europe.

The line will be distributed exclusively through multi-brand stores & boutiques in France and internationally. A website showcasing the label will be online in January, in time for the launch of the Spring Summer 2015 collection.”

Brand Profile and other information can be found HERE.

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