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SILKNY by Michele Lee, the excellence of Chinese manufacturing

In 2015, SILKNY launched a ready-to-wear collection in New York made of the highest quality silk and silk blends. The collection focuses on classic designs that are sophisticated and fashionable without sacrificing comfort and quality. Inspired by the luxurious look and feel of silk and silk blends, SILKNY sources their high-quality fabrics from all over the world, including China, a top silk manufacturer for centuries, as well as France, and other European countries for laces and handcrafted finishes. With a vision that blends contemporary style with timeless elegance, the collection includes everything from asymmetrical takes on the classic pencil skirt, to plush winter coats, and mixed media blazers. Crafted using the latest eco-friendly technology available in manufacturing, the SILKNY collection strives to make women feel both powerful and romantic. Sales Campaign of SILKNY terminated! for further info contact MS

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TOUTOUSE by Gold knit since 1955

Toutouse is an Italian knitwear brand launched in 1972 by Flavio and Maria Santolin, who set up Gold Knit fashion company in 1955. On a business trip to New York City Flavio and Maria were impressed with the city’s dynamism and innovativeness. Back home, they thus decided to launch a new brand that could join fine yarns and Italian meticulous craftmanship with an modern, appealing style. Now, as then, Toutouse creates high-quality original knitwear pieces grasping the most innovative trends in the international fashion world.

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BARTOLOTTA & MARTORANA Italian techno couture

The new brand Bartolotta & Martorana proposes a new vision garments neoclassical style garments combined with technological materials and craftsmanship. A so called “Techno Couture”, romantic yer modern dresses. The two young  Sicilian designers, despite their fragile age have already received a  lot of press attention, getting into the fashion spotlight early on in their blossoming career.Winners of numerous fashion contests, Simone Bartolotta and Salvatore Martorana  are the symbols of a new generation of Italian designers who promise to make pave their way in the world of fashion.

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CHRISTINE BI at Modern showroom Milan

Chrsitne BI a new brand designed by Cristina Bianchi, the production is totally made in Italy Marta Di Zio is a young designer who trained at the Marangoni Institute in Milan, where in 2014 she won a “Postgraduate Scholarship” which allowed her to access Giorgio Armani’s Atelier. Since 2014 she has established a collaboration that engaged her as a fashion designer in the field of Armani’s kids collection. She began her relationship with Christine B in February 2019 with the S/S 2020 therefore her first Collection which engaged her as Artistic Director of the Maison. Her creativity is inspired by simple lines and the search for a perfect combination of colours and fabrics. Marta’s project is ambitious with experimenting of new techniques for making garments. The inspirational comes from the Country of Origin: Italy and the desire to export and contaminate the sensations that the Italian peninsula with the fantasies that other places are able to convey. For the spring summer of the 2020 she chose Miami and its frenzy. For info about Christine Brand concat MS OR Soon available at the Showroom Online

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The Men’s leather tailoring techniques

Cameron Charles. They challenge the conventions of traditional tailoring to create unique pieces that will enjoy pride of place in any stylish individual’s wardrobe. Our vision was born of the desire to create fashion that uses traditional tailoring techniques on clothing otherwise considered informal. Our design signature combines the silhouette of Savile Row with the deconstructed finish found in Neapolitan tailoring. This approach to luxury fashion is the common thread that runs through everything we do, from our cropped summer jackets, to our shearling coats. Following a corporate career in London and LA, Kishore (Head of Design) trained with a London bespoke tailor and attended masterclasses at Savile Row tailors Henry Poole and Dege & Skinner. Kishore is a self taught leather tailor, and has spent years honing the production techniques that give Cameron Charles its’ distinctive, unique style. Fellow founder Daniel has his background in the music industry, and he loves to challenge the mainstream, as do the best musicians. This is the spirit of Cameron Charles.  MAKE AN APPOINTMENT WITH THE SHOWROOM

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Henry Daniel Jewels is a privately held British luxury jeweller and jewellery designer group founded in 2015. The company sources diamonds and other gemstones, and designs its own range of jewellery. Beyond of the beauty of the diamonds and stones, the design of the jewels is also important. Luxury and elegand define Henry Daniel Jewellery. Thus, the brand ensures that fine quality is at the heart of every piece in every collection. Materials including shimmering diamonds, colourful precious stones, 18 carat gold plated sterling silver, gold and rose gold. Every handcrafted item is laboured over with great care, from delicate bracelets to chunky bangles, from crystal adorned earrings to statement necklaces. Indeed, every item in the “Prestige Collection” and “Diamond Collection” is truly special. For her new collection, H.D.J modernise her shapes and design but still keep precious materials and high quality. Then, Feminine, elegant and modern the collection will to reach a broader customer base with her large line of jewels. Hence, every piece is readily adaptable to the customers individual ideas and tastes. Book an appointment in Modern Showroom and come find the jewel made for you.

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