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Dimitar Dradi search for a constant Wonder….

“Interprets fashion as an art form and a constant search for constant wonder.” Dimitar Dradi born in Bulgaria on 10.01.1991 His concept of art reflects his determined character, curious and full of inventiveness and creativity. The designer considers Fashion as an art form and a constant search for constant wonder. These approaches translate into the sculpture dresses of the THE CROWN OF LOVE collection, made of paper and eco-leather with the art of origami. The large volumes are inspired by the African fetish. The same was already published in December 2015 on Yute Magazine. But also in the TV Dimitar have a great resonance and visibility! This is the rich excursus of participations and awards: May 2016 winner of the talent show “Accademia della Moda” by Gianni Molaro on TV Rai 2 in the “Detto Fatto” broadcast. July 2016 first place in the “Moda Città della Cascata” competition, Isola del Liri. September 2016: winner of the “Fashion Camera National Young Fashion Designers’ Award during Milan Fashion Week – October 2016 he participated in the final evening of the” Mia Martini Award “in Bagnara Calabra. – “Musa D’Argento National Award” award for the Fashion section. October 2016- first runner up “Creativity […]

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Maddalena Triggiani’s dreamy dresses

A collection with a soul of couture inspired by the depth of matter and the soul in an abstract dimension is the fundamental concept of Maddalena Triggiani’s spring-summer 2018. The Italian designer, passionate about art and cinematography, creates contrasts in these sculptural dresses between the wide volumes and the vertiginous necklines in a range of colors that starts with ethereal shades of powder pink until the nocturnal and mysterious shades of burgundy, metallic gray and deep black. The prints  are inspired by anemones. The garments are entirely  handmade  in precious and innovative materials such as pure silk, jacquard’s using embroideries and motifs from the Japanese culture. The collection is a testimony of  true a “made in Italy” product that combines innovative fabrics, excellent  production and a mysterious yet feminine silhouette. Maddalena Triggiani has chosen the archaeological parks of Canosa di Puglia for the new shooting of the advertising campaign of  “Altum Creaturae”  SS 2018 collection. These eternal places have always been the source of inspiration of the designer continuing with the latest  “Altum Creaturae” collection. Inspired by the depth of matter and the soul in an abstract dimension, the collection combines creativity and the Canosine origins of the designer. The […]

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The Men’s leather tailoring techniques

Cameron Charles. They challenge the conventions of traditional tailoring to create unique pieces that will enjoy pride of place in any stylish individual’s wardrobe. Our vision was born of the desire to create fashion that uses traditional tailoring techniques on clothing otherwise considered informal. Our design signature combines the silhouette of Savile Row with the deconstructed finish found in Neapolitan tailoring. This approach to luxury fashion is the common thread that runs through everything we do, from our cropped summer jackets, to our shearling coats. Following a corporate career in London and LA, Kishore (Head of Design) trained with a London bespoke tailor and attended masterclasses at Savile Row tailors Henry Poole and Dege & Skinner. Kishore is a self taught leather tailor, and has spent years honing the production techniques that give Cameron Charles its’ distinctive, unique style. Fellow founder Daniel has his background in the music industry, and he loves to challenge the mainstream, as do the best musicians. This is the spirit of Cameron Charles.  MAKE AN APPOINTMENT WITH THE SHOWROOM

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You are looking for a super sexy-up and a new style ? Then, take a look at the illusionist style new collection of Dariia Monde in Modern Showroom. Dariia Monde’s clothes are sexy. Indeed, attraction is a powerful force in the modern world and the garments subtly unleash it.  The brand is courageous enough. It helps you reveal your natural beauty. In the SS18 collection of Dariia Monde, the illusionist style is present in all its forms, graphical,  classical, sportswear and sophisticated. It highlights the beauty of a woman. The design is a mix of current best practices and personal inspirations, imaginations and playfulness. The new collection offering various products from simple skirts, shirts and blouses all the way to evening dresses. It brings the aura of class, exclusivity and artistry. All them are united by the same notions of quality, sexiness, subtlety and high class. Dariia Monde is the subtle expression of quality, status and modern lifestyle. Stay glamorous, stay sexy, stay Dariia Monde. Book a showroom appointment    

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