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The expression of art is shaped by fashion

Representing fashion in all its beauty becomes the mission of the Opera 01 brand. Art, beauty, manufacturing quality are the mantras of the designer Riccardo Bassoli. Over time, fashion evolves but always maintains the foundations that allow Made in Italy to differentiate itself in the world. Italian fashion, that represented by the Opera 01 brand is an introspective vision of the designer, an expression of pure art. Riccardo Bassoli, through his creations wants to convey authenticity, quality and arouse emotions to all those who will wear his clothes. An art form that comes from the wise study of materials, which shapes to make them works of art. Famous inspirations that mix with fashion Strongly inspired by Coco Chanel’s famous quote “we have to live what we wear”, Riccardo translates this statement by the designer into his creations. Hence the desire and curiosity to insert a stylistic code in his line giving the name to his brand of Opera 01. The choice of brand naming is dictated by the need for the REBIRTH of this concept. The stylist wants to create works of art that are tailored and unique in their kind. Innovative ideas, refined design, nuances in line with one’s […]

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MY SUNDAY MORNING Interview with Virginie Guarisco

Describe your perfect Sun day morning ? In family, waking up with the sun light and the song of the birds in Avalon Sydney, catching up with some friends with kids for an healthy substancial and delicious brunch at the Beach House café. What inspires you – visual and mentally ? Traveling has always and will always be a great source of inspiration. My favorites spots of inspiration are Los Angeles and Sydney in Australia. The way of thinking, the easy Life Style, the boho-chic and healthy attitude makes me feel relaxed and enlightened. We fly there in family once every season before starting creating a new collection. My creations are essen- tially based on vintage pieces, and a few photos… What do people get when buying clothes from your new label? They will be sharing the strong values that I’d like to speak for… Integrity, authenticity, family, love, freedom, beauty, positive way of thinking, and a lot more! 😉 How did you get the idea for this new label ? On a Sunday Morning brunching with some of my girlfriends in Paris. I wanted to start a new cycle of creation, and it was the perfect day and atmosphere to […]

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Dimitar Dradi search for a constant Wonder….

“Interprets fashion as an art form and a constant search for constant wonder.” Dimitar Dradi born in Bulgaria on 10.01.1991 His concept of art reflects his determined character, curious and full of inventiveness and creativity. The designer considers Fashion as an art form and a constant search for constant wonder. These approaches translate into the sculpture dresses of the THE CROWN OF LOVE collection, made of paper and eco-leather with the art of origami. The large volumes are inspired by the African fetish. The same was already published in December 2015 on Yute Magazine. But also in the TV Dimitar have a great resonance and visibility! This is the rich excursus of participations and awards: May 2016 winner of the talent show “Accademia della Moda” by Gianni Molaro on TV Rai 2 in the “Detto Fatto” broadcast. July 2016 first place in the “Moda Città della Cascata” competition, Isola del Liri. September 2016: winner of the “Fashion Camera National Young Fashion Designers’ Award during Milan Fashion Week – October 2016 he participated in the final evening of the” Mia Martini Award “in Bagnara Calabra. – “Musa D’Argento National Award” award for the Fashion section. October 2016- first runner up “Creativity […]

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DEKO’Z the trendy wardrobe!

DEKO’Z conceives to bring the trendy wardrobe to our fashion minded women day in and day out. Styles offer are always the must-have pieces that won’t bust one’s wallet. The fabric, colour & fit that will not only look good in the photos, but they will look better when our women put them on. We want you to feel proud of having owned our products.  Below the proof of the DEKO’Z presence in the best trade show the UK:  PURE View more in Modern showroom

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Luxury footwear with a twist by Lucrezia Maria Monaca

The brand was founded at the end of 2014 as an opportunity to combine Lucrezia Maria Monaca studies and the world of luxury with the purpose to satisfy a market need: elegant shoes with a contemporary twist. It focuses on high-end market with the spirit of creating not just a shoe but a piece of art thrilling at first sight and adapting perfectly to any foot shape. The quality is very high; maximum attention is paid to the materials used, all of high quality, and to the samples production. The designer is involved in every production step, from the raw materials to the final product. She drew inspiration from the world surrounding her and her deepest passions. She has always been fascinated by the fashion world, not in its most frivolous meaning, but as a vehicle to express your personality. The brand’s MISSION: recreating the personality of each woman in each shoe. The intent is to combine tradition, research, innovation and competence craftsmanship. It is no coincidence, in fact, that the shoes are produced in Vigevano, always known for his starring role in the footwear industry and Naples, renowned for the craftsmanship. The products are 100% Made in Italy and […]

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Pavlina Jauss’s contemporary avantgarde design

Multicultural Mantlings, the new collection of the brand is heavily inspired by traditional garments of various cultures all over the world. Based on these inspirations and Pavlina’s passion for strong silhouettes the AW18 collection is again a step onto the the next level for the brand. Pavlina Jauss is a German fashion brand from Hamburg. They create high quality garments from the finest leathers and textiles from Europe. Their main suppliers are from France, Italy and Spain. All leather and textile garments are crafted in out studio in Hamburg, Germany. The knitwear is produced in a Bulgarian knitting mill. Pavlina the designer spends several weeks at this mill to ensure her high expectations are satisfied. The regular customers of the Pavlina Jauss collections are women living in metropolises all over the world. These ladies are autonomous, stand on their own feet and have a distinct avant-garde taste that can only be satisfied by great designed garments of extraordinary quality. Timeless luxury avant-garde fashion from Europe. Here at Modern Showroom we are proud to present a brand with such a strong aesthetic but also responsible and manufactured with the highest quality fabrics sorted from across Europe. Pavlina Jauss can be found […]

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