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Maddalena Triggiani’s dreamy dresses

A collection with a soul of couture inspired by the depth of matter and the soul in an abstract dimension is the fundamental concept of Maddalena Triggiani’s spring-summer 2018. The Italian designer, passionate about art and cinematography, creates contrasts in these sculptural dresses between the wide volumes and the vertiginous necklines in a range of colors that starts with ethereal shades of powder pink until the nocturnal and mysterious shades of burgundy, metallic gray and deep black. The prints  are inspired by anemones. The garments are entirely  handmade  in precious and innovative materials such as pure silk, jacquard’s using embroideries and motifs from the Japanese culture. The collection is a testimony of  true a “made in Italy” product that combines innovative fabrics, excellent  production and a mysterious yet feminine silhouette. Maddalena Triggiani has chosen the archaeological parks of Canosa di Puglia for the new shooting of the advertising campaign of  “Altum Creaturae”  SS 2018 collection. These eternal places have always been the source of inspiration of the designer continuing with the latest  “Altum Creaturae” collection. Inspired by the depth of matter and the soul in an abstract dimension, the collection combines creativity and the Canosine origins of the designer. The […]

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THEO: presented at Kiev Fashion Days

Ukrainian up and coming label THEO presented their FW18/19 collection during Kiev Fashion Days. The new collection is ready to be seen in out showroom. This is what the Designer, Teo Dekan had to say about his new collection: In my work, I’m in constant search of a “perfect female wardrobe”, research the nature of HER, THEO Woman. HER personality, HER feelings and emotions, HER character become clearer and more nuanced with each collection. The new THEO collection Fall-Winter 2018/19 is the result of my immersion into the style of THEO Woman.   The main idea is “One collection to suit all, and unique for each and every one.”   THEO Woman is absolutely natural, SHE doesn’t strike a pose or crave attention. SHE is rarely interested in what others think of her, SHE is busy with HER own emotion and HER fresh experience from HERSELF and HER new outfits. HER choice doesn’t take much time, as SHE dresses for HERSELF. The magic of HER originality is in elimination of standards. SHE never dresses for an occasion, at the same time SHE is always appropriately dressed. SHE doesn’t showcase. SHE observes. Observes HER feelings, HER experience and HERSELF. SHE is honest […]

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How the Paola Agopian foulard dress is born

For Paola Agopian, love is a scarf. Wrapped on the hair or tied around the wrist, in a thousand different ways. The scarf is an ancient art, a true masterpiece. The imagination and creativity of Paola Agopian are now joined by the need of the modern woman to invent elegant yet practical solutions to move from leisure to an elegant meeting, to the tasks of urban life. The young designer has designed and created for her clients an absolutely unique and innovative fashion collection, reinventing the iconic silk square to create a new garment, the foulard dress. Hand drawn and edged by hand, a foulard dress is made by women for women. It takes more than 1200 hours of work to create a foulard dress, because the brand Paola Agopian enhances the quality of time, and time of quality, because love and care take time. The foulard dress by Paola Agopian, made of pure silk, is always and forever. It is a timeless product, made with artisanal techniques, and entirely made in Italy.   Come nasce l’abito foulard di Paola Agopian Per Paola Agopian l’amore è un foulard. Avvolto sui capelli o annodato intorno al polso, in mille svariati modi. […]

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