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The artisan expression of Leonora

The Leonora brand’s Attention to detail sets them apart.  Every single processing phase includes rigorous checks in order to guarantee compliance with a high product quality standard. Leonora immediately established itself as one of the most prestigious Italian producers. The brand’s will is to favor an artisan production system. This made it possible to maintain high quality standards. The brand was born in the fabulous 90s. In this period, the trends were sought after, eccentric, voluminous and colorful. Despite the fashions, the Leonora brand has always managed to differentiate itself by establishing itself in the fashion system. A timeless style characterizes the brand’s collection. A strong identity resistant to changing market changes. The Leonora brand continues to promote excellence by enhancing the authenticity of Made in Italy. Fashion, color, design Leonora is an Italian brand that grows and evolves thanks to constant stylistic research. Passion, dedication and resourcefulness. Today as then, these three characteristics constitute the soul of the company. Craftsmanship and love for sartorial tradition can be seen in every garment. Brand is, today as in the past, custodian of the artisan aspects of the most noble and prized Italian tailoring tradition. The constant research and innovation, and the […]

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