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ECLETTiCO – Japanese design meets Italian craftsmanship

ECLETTiCO is a new brand that combines the minimalist Japanese approach with the know how and craftsmanship of Italy. The concept of ECLETTiCO brand is born in Milan, Italy. Moreover, from the dream of an Italian leather goods craftsman and Japanese designer to create the perfect accessory. Through a marriage that combines tradition, technique and style. This project is rooted in the union between Made in Italy and the Japanese meticulous care for every single detail. Also, the passion for leather accessories leads to the study of every minimal modeling trait. Additionally from skin thickness to the way of how to reinforce each structure piece to create a better product. Also with high level craftsmanship and strong stylistic style. Many years of experience and passion for researched and refined materials have led to a continuous search and use of materials that represent the concept of the brand itself. Therefore, thanks to the collaboration with the best tanneries in Europe and with Italian craftsmen for small metal components. Eclettico’s high quality leave nothing to chance. The search for the best and most selected materials and leathers. Therefore, gives the product a unique aura that is achieved thanks to the skillful Italian […]

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