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The NOBASIC club – contemporary RTW

There’s another way to be, to feel powerful and well dressed, and that is the NOBASIC way. A contemporary women’s brand. Join the club. NOBASIC is a brand that aims to push boundaries, go beyond the ordinary and stretch the rules. The clothes made by NOBASIC are made for every woman who want more, who expects more from life. A woman who is ambitious, strong, smart, determine and confident but also forward-thinking, relentless and fearless. These clothes are made for the girl/woman who values the finer things is life, the great details and expects more. She knows that this life is too short to be basic. NOBASIC was born over ten years ago and began in crafting products for every women;s desire to feeling empowered and trendy. The best words to describe the brand as well as the women who wear it are boldness, independence, empowerment, sophistication and refinement. Every item they create has these in mind when being designed and produced. The NOBASIC company delivers a fine assortment every season by managing all aspects of the company from creation and design to the sewing and manufacturing¬† and also sales. This way they are able to create fashionable products that […]

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