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December 6, 2021 by Modern Press Video 0

PLS Fashion

The story of PLS Fashion begins with Polidoros and Dimitra Ploumi, who started the brand in 1971 in Greece. In the beginning, it only served as a manufacturer of Cretan weavers. But not much later, the founders’ entrepreneurial hearts began to beat faster and they also made their entrance into the clothing industry. This brand is a gorgeous way to show culture and fun into your everyday vacation outfits. Originally, their target was the tourism market, where they would operate on a seasonal basis. Over the past few years, however, the desire to enter the local market has grown. As a result, PLS Fashion now operates all year round. The constant effort put into creating new original designs and reinventing old ones has given the brand a good market position in the busy Greek market. The search for the best quality fabrics and the training of personnel according to traditional methods also contribute to this.  PLS FASHION is a resort wear label known for its highly aesthetical designs made of 100% linen. With its timeless styles, meticulously crafted down to the smallest detail, it has managed to win the confidence of its customers over the years. FOREVER YOUNG by PLS Fashion PLS […]

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