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SANDALAKI – original Greek artisan sandals

SANDALAKI is a brand that creates and produces Greek sandals crafted by the best artisans. The brand characterizes in the epitome of the Greek summer representing the three S’s. Here is a little ore information about them to make you fall in love with this delightful brand. Summer in Greece could not be better represented than by the sea and the waves. Its strong elements are also Sand, Sun and of course, Sandals. This is Greek Summer. With this repetitive S – which is at the same time the original letter of the brand – and the light waving ~  created an iconic logo, which, through the purity of its geometry, communicates in the most chic way the open balcony doors with light curtains which overlook the endless Aegean Sea. Sanδalάki comes from the Greek word “σανδαλάκι” and it means little sandal. Inspired by the minimalism and simplicity of Greek-style we design sandals that combine the ancient, Greek tradition with a modern touch. Also, Our philosophy is to combine the casual feel of everyday life with style and fashion. Greek Sandals Production Each pair is exclusively handcrafted in Greece using traditional techniques. Moreover, these techniques are done by local craftsmen […]

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