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A unique pattern – Blake Mill

The Blake Mill Philosophy: They don’t follow fashion. What they do is something different. Their design shirts stand out from the crowd. To find inspiration they started from the question that was perplexing: Why are there so many striped shirts and checked shirts and polka dot shirt/ Can a polka dot really be the apex of design? A dot? So they looked around and found inspiration in the most obvious place. The the world around them. They found patterns in the malaria virus, the human chromosome, in Japanese gardens and in spiral galaxies. They looked where others haven’t. And in doing so they set themselves one very simple test: is this design truly original? Blake Mill doesn’t just create patterns. The tell stories. They turn to the world around them to spiral galaxies, relativistic physics, human chromosomes and minefields, to provide the DNA of the designs. The designs reflect the rich diversity of the stories that comprise the world. And as a final flourish, they put those stories into two different garments. The Essentials range for everyday style and the Bold shirts for when you really want to make an impression. The Bold shirts showcase the patterns to their fullest […]

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