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Silk Clothes

Silk Clothes

When we work from home, we don’t have to replicate the office environment!

Short Story of TAGLIT made in india fashion brand

It’s the same story, the short story we all know. It’s the story we heard from other generations, and most likely, the story we will pass on to the younger generation. The story about health, the one given by Nature itself. Silk. The beautiful and eternal feeling of well-being, softness, and luxury.

“Being beautiful means being healthy and in sync with Nature.”
Silk brings so much to our lives. It can improve our health, our relaxation, our

sleep, with both short-term and long- term benefits reaped by those who genuinely embrace what silk brings to the table. Not only is silk all-natural, but it is also very durable and resistant, meaning the average piece of silk will last for quite a while, years, and even decades.

It’s not for everyone. It’s for those that can find the most profound and beautiful meaning of a good life despite the life’s harnessing thrown it at us.

While it may not be the most affordable

choice in the market, silk provides the most value. Buy one wear it a million times and make sure adding to it The Story, that Short Story of wisdom you want to pass on to next of kin.

You don’t feel like dressing up for a regular job day. You feel like wearing the suit jacket and matched them with the most comfortable pair of pants you have. That’s cool. It’s the new cool. It’s a way that will shape the fashion landscape for years to come, and we all contributing to it, probably more than we ever did. We’ll probably change the way marketing address and influence us too.

When we work from home, we don’t have to replicate the office environment. In fact, we shouldn’t. Instead, we should consciously structure our workweek accord- ing to the benefits of each location.

“Work-from-home days can be struc- tured for flexibility.”

And above all, work-from-home days can absolutely allow for comfort and a “relaxed mindset.” We can set the temperature to our happy place and wear whatev- er makes us feel best.

Change and the idea of uncertainty scare us, but maybe it is not about that, but the way we perceive stability. We have the chance to change. Let’s change the things that made us feel constrained and replace them with those things that make us feel good. This is an opportunity to redesign your house, to revise your priorities and adopt new healthy habits.

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