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June 29, 2023 by Modern Press Fashion Brands 0

The fashion brand RAOUL MARTIN

The fashion brand RAOUL MARTIN

Raoul Martin’s designs stem from his passion and love for nature, shapes, colors, and structures. Architecture of world cities and nature
are sources of Raoul Martin designs. The RAOUL MARTIN collection typically includes blazers, skirts, dresses, and sweaters made from natural and sustainable materials.

A Cosmopolitan Brand

The world of the RAOUL MARTIN is honesty, love, respect, compassion, diversity, softness, sensuality, security, warmth, and beauty reign.

Who is Raoul Martin?

Powerful women shaped him into who he is today. “As a little boy I was already dressing my sister’s dolls, my mother made sure I left
home well dressed and later the love of my life provided a source of inspiration.” Raoul Martin’s goal has always been to encourage women to use their natural strength, authenticity, and uniqueness. Raoul Martin wants his collections to be like armor, to help women
step out into the world and stand strong, position themselves and make a statement. His love for nature and architecture is reflected in his capsule
collections, displayed in prints and knits.

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