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The origins and philosophy of 1949 Tarnava

The origins and philosophy of 1949 Tarnava

Pioneers of shirt production stand out immediately thanks to highly specialized staff and the use of quality materials.

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The company was founded in 1949 as a Tarnava SA trading company in Sighisoara.

The occupation of departure, the packaging of clothing on behalf of prestigious companies, Italian, French, German and Danish, is accompanied by a production line dedicated to tailored shirts.

The values ​​of the brand mix with the art of “know-how”.

The making of a shirt, its fit, require precise timing.

First you need to understand the customer’s needs exactly, allowing him to describe his favorite item.

History & Style

The 1949 Tarnava brand reproduces the magic by exploiting the choice of fabrics. The variety of models and solutions that experience will transform into the ideal shirt.

1949 Tarnava

Each garment is entirely made at our headquarters where the tailoring experience is combined with the most modern cutting and packaging technologies.

The result is a product that has the flavor of the past but fits perfectly with the taste and use of the Present.

But however, with a careful and lucid gaze towards the Future.

The shirt has been an essential element of the man’s wardrobe since ancient times.

Above all, as a sign of elegance, of “civil dress”, or as an identification of the social role of the person who wears it.

This is testified by the numerous popular sayings that use the shirt to interpret a condition or an event.

For example, “Born with a shirt” which indicates a man.

Lucky, of privileged family origin, or “left in the shirt” as the poor man’s last good before the ruin.

And again “sweating seven shirts” which expresses the effort to obtain a result.

Men’s and women’s fashion

The fabrics know them well and have the ability to package them to meet all their needs.

A beautiful shirt acquires value if it is perfectly combined with a knitwear item.

To optimize the cut and not waste the fabric, they use the CAD-Lay system for framing.

The embroidery machine can make multi-colored embroidery. Professionalism and availability are on the agenda.

To fulfill the wishes of their customers, they order fabrics and accessories in line with the tastes of the person who commissions them for a garment.

They offer construction and classification of printing, embroidery organization of printing and washing, transportation, construction of samples and prototypes.

To ensure maximum quality, they carry out a final check after the two intermediaries.

In addition, to restore a new life to a garment, now in disuse, they carry out customization and recycling of fabrics.

For them, fashion is an endless emotion.

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