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THEO: presented at Kiev Fashion Days

THEO: presented at Kiev Fashion Days

Ukrainian up and coming label THEO presented their FW18/19 collection during Kiev Fashion Days. The new collection is ready to be seen in out showroom.

This is what the Designer, Teo Dekan had to say about his new collection:

In my work, I’m in constant search of a “perfect female wardrobe”, research the nature of HER, THEO Woman. HER personality, HER feelings and emotions, HER character become clearer and more nuanced with each collection. The new THEO collection Fall-Winter 2018/19 is the result of my immersion into the style of THEO Woman.

The main idea is “One collection to suit all, and unique for each and every one.”

THEO Woman is absolutely natural, SHE doesn’t strike a pose or crave attention. SHE is rarely interested in what others think of her, SHE is busy with HER own emotion and HER fresh experience from HERSELF and HER new outfits. HER choice doesn’t take much time, as SHE dresses for HERSELF.

The magic of HER originality is in elimination of standards.

SHE never dresses for an occasion, at the same time SHE is always appropriately dressed.

SHE doesn’t showcase.

SHE observes. Observes HER feelings, HER experience and HERSELF.

SHE is honest with HERSELF.

HER sexuality comes not from the depth of HER neckline or the height of HER heels.

HER sexuality is natural like that of a woman during sex — tousled, wild-haired, wet.

SHE is equally attracted to bold innovative design and the ease of a new wardrobe. This controversial unity gives HER the  feeling of effortless discipline.

SHE finds the inspiration for sophistication and low-key femininity in dark romanticism, expressed in soft pleats of dresses and tops made of viscose crepe with a subtle floral print in green and bordeaux colors, on a dramatic black background, with contrasting vinyl stripe at the dress hemline. To make a strong look SHE wears a dress with “mannish” straight pants with slits at inner side seams lower down at the hem.  On the neck, she tied a double side vinyl scarf.

The chic and high voltage are achieved by the “au masculin” part of HER wardrobe.

An oversized tomboy shirt with seasonal cut wide sleeves. The shirt is made of various fabrics, among which are Tencel  — an eco-friendly fabric made from Australian eucalyptus with a velour finish, flowing viscose crepe with satin finish, light jacquard fabric with a silk taffeta effect. The shirt is presented in base colors: soft white and grey-blue, as well as in graphic prints of the season, and khaki color.

SHE wears the shirt with a pair of high-waisted rounded trousers with front asymmetrical pleats and elongated masculine tailored collarless jacket designed with shoulder pads and seasonal cut sleeves with D-ring loops belt to create fitted shape and to cinch the waist. In this season, it is presented in two fabrics: pressed velours with cracked texture in anthracite color, and ink-colored smooth vinyl with satin finish.

HER casual chic lies in the masculine tailored jacket with seasonal cut sleeves in navy blue fluid gabardine with cape hood detail at the back in “paperlike” fabric with drawstrings at the hem. It matches perfectly with a pair of high-waist carrot-shaped trousers with raw edge center crease at front and rolled up raw edge contrasted cuffs in white fabric.

SHE is attentive to detail.

HER  perfect “shelter” from the autumn weather is inside the vinyl oversized maxi coat.

HER special feelings are brought about by a seemingly simple dress, a seasonal must-have, “Francesca” dress. This X-shaped dress with raw edges and bias seams is available in various colors and textures.

Each of them provides HER with true beauty which opens up not on the runway, but when SHE, THEO Woman, wears it.

To see the collection in Modern Showroom book an appointment now.

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