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Toutouse – Top Quality Knitwear Since 1955

Toutouse – Top Quality Knitwear Since 1955

Combining the quality with the creativity

THE STORY telling:

Toutouse, derived from the brand, Gold Knit, which combines modern and traditional knitwear. Gold Knit, founded by Flavio and Maria Luigia in 1955. Later on, in 1972, after a trip to New York City, Flavio and Maria started Toutouse. New York’s innovation and dynamic qualities were the inspiration for this new brand.

The top quality knitwear brand

Toutouse focuses on the cutting edge trends in knitwear and produces them with the utmost of quality. Their most recent collection has fun and trending patterns like a zebra print and tribal print. Combining these fashion forward patterns with high quality knitwear is a recipe for success for this brand.

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