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VALENTINA POLTRONIERI design and architecture

VALENTINA POLTRONIERI design and architecture

Passionate about technic design and architecture 

she attended a three-years course in Fashion Design at the prestigious Marangoni Institute in Milan, where she started settling in the industry, expressing her interest and becoming a pattern maker.

During on summer break, she interned for the Reda woolen mill in the renown wool district of Biella. There she had the chance to lear all the procedures and steps to craft a garment.

Once graduated from Marangoni, she started training in an Italian manufacture in Vigevano, attending afterwards a master in womenswear pattern-making at Istituto Carlo Secoli in order to get a 360° know-how in that field.

Her creation process is constantly inspired by far greatest passion: travel, architecture (especially the Rationalism, Catalan Modernism and Art Nouveau movements), contemporary art, cinema and theatre.

In February 2017, her big dream finally came true. She founded her namesake, label, working very hard on her first official collection, Spring-Summer 2018, that will be shown to the Italian Press on the 24th of October in Milan.

She worked for a manufacturing company in Vigevano carrying out the work of stylist for the internal line of the company “Scarlet” and which follows the production details.

In addition to the preparation and development of the Spring / Summer and Fall / Winter collections, Valentina tries to win over the public by making fashion contests (Fashion Talent Lab; Italian Fashion Talent Awards; Premio Moda Città dei Sassi; Taomoda) and tries to become a part of the Italian and international fashion system thanks to the usual appointment of Camera Giovani Fashion Designer, in May at the beautiful Francesco Cilea Theatre of Reggio Calabria.

Now Valentina is more charged and determined to reach and conquer her dream.

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